URL Decoder & URL Encoder

Welcome to EncodeURL.com – the fastest URL encoding and decoding tool on the Internet today. Making sense of the JavaScript URL’s encryption talk is a real challenge, well not for deep rooted coders with infrared vision maybe – but for the rest of us who needs to be able to encode a URL or decode a URL – then it is!

All we do here on EncodeURL.com is the specialty of providing you an accurate URL encoder or decoder, depending on your needs. Lucky for you, both can be done right here and right below. Don’t forget to bookmark us for your next encoding or decoding session, because we will be right here waiting for you to make sense of the garble.

Use the box below and enter the URL that you wish to encode or decode. Once you have done this, press “Decode” or “Encode” to display the outputted results instantly. Have fun and get what you need at the same time. Thanks for visiting us today and don’t forget to check out other free Internet tools before you leave!

Encode URL or Decode URL

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