About Us

Once upon a time and far far away there were some skilled techies who were bored with their language classes in school – it just wasn’t them. What was “them” thought was coding, particularly JavaScript. Now, as the days past and dreams got bigger, they got a kick out of encoding URL’s to send to each other across Skype and other such services just playing around for the recipient to take the incoming message and decode the URL and make it legible.

So what does this story above have to do with EncodeURL.com? Well, you are on the About Us page and thought we would give you some insight on as to why we all took the time to launch an encoding/decoding site. Because people just like us need this tool to make sense of the JavaScript URL garble! Maybe not necessarily for fun or while daydreaming in language class, but rather for a more purposeful life events like jobs and security measures.

Yes, now we begin to fill in the details of EncodeURL.com – it is for the webmasters, security gurus, and any other encoder or decoder out there who needs to be able to translate the JavaScript URLs into something for the human eyes and brain to make sense of – or vice versa if need to encode a URL ahead of sending across the ‘net. Now that sounds more about us! Enjoy the service – it’s free.

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