More Tools!

The Internet is full of all types of good and bad. It is also full of all types of good and bad tools and utilities. We thought we would dedicate an entire page here on to the combination of this (and no, not good and bad, rather Internet and tools).

With that said, here are some great Internet tools from partner sites that you just might find useful on your next excursion across cyberspace. But be warned, they are extremely effective and masters’ in their own right, having carved out their uniqueness in the world like has for encoding and decoding!

Ok, so this online email verify tool is so nifty my Grandmaw started using it. With email spoofing on the rise, has made it super easy to verify almost any email with just a few simple clicks.

Another show stopper, tells you if a website is offline for just you or if it is down for everyone. Pretty handy when you are trying to make sure you haven’t had too much to drink and can’t type the URL correctly – or if you simply feel you are going crazy.

Very complimentary to, has detailed descriptions of the error codes you might receive when visiting a downed website. Also known as HTTP error messages, then this site has what you are looking for.

Need we say anymore? Everything and anything under the sun that you could possibly want in the IP Address field is right here. So many IP Address tools and utilities that we could make a dedicated page for it. Best just to visit directly and see what we mean.

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